Sunday, 21 July 2013

Liebster Award.

Rules of the award:
1. Each nominee must answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger that nominated them.
2. You must choose 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers to pass the award onto.
3. Then come up with 11 questions that they will answer.
4. Go to their page and tell them that you have nominated them.
5. no tag backs.

1. What is the most recent beauty product you have purchased ?
Missha M perfect cover B.B cream.

2. What is your favourite perfume at the moment ? 
Victoria secret scented lotion. Pure seduction, red plum & freesia

3. Which country are you dying to visit and why ?
KOREA ! always been my dream to go there, the places are just amazing :) and their beauty products :)  
also im deeply inlove with their k-dramas and kpop stars hahaha :) im a Snsd & Jay park fan ! and more..^.^

4. Your most played song this month ?
Pretty old song but "give love a try" by the jonas brothers up till now ! still into it. aha.

5. What is your morning skin care routine ?
I just basically wash my face with a cleanse foam then after i use a scrub.

6. Is there a specific makeup product you can't live without ?
i can't live without mascara.

7. What is/was your favourite subject in high school ? why ?
I always enjoyed music :) Since I'm really into singing and instrument playing.

8. What was the most helpful beauty tip anyone has given you ?
"looks isn't always everything"

9. Are you a winter or summer person ?
winter. ^o^

10. Are there any current fashion trends that make you cringe ?
The annoying fact how some guys pull there pants half way down just for swag -.- like seriously. 

11. If you had to write a book what would it be about ?
maybe..latest fashion trends ?

I nominate:
1. Fashion Wonderland
2. Testes.
3. The power of fashion.
4. amandaberglund
5. Broken Cookies Don't Count
6. KimDot
7. Eddo Kim
8. penny laine
9. Everyday Reading
10. Hookbooks
11. Angelica 

My questions to you:
[Don't forget to comment & link your post so i can check it out ^.^]

1. Whats your favourite outfit in your closet ?

2. whats your current favourite song ?

3. What colour in your wardrobe do you wear the most ?

4. whats your favourite food ? and why ?

5. Are you a kpop fan ?! :) if so whats your favourite kpop groups/solo artists ?? :)

6. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go ?

7. What's one thing you can't live without ?

8.Whats your favourite skin product ?

9. What's you favourite clothing store ??

10. I'm following you...can you follow me back ? haha.

11. What's your thoughts on the liebster award ??

ChubbiAngel. xx

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  1. oh i wish we have winter here :) congratulations on your award :)